Main information about the documentary
The Prize of the Pole

It was released in 2007. The film is about Hivshu and his ancestors: a famous polar explorer Robert Peary who was Hivshu's great-grandfather and his Inuit wife Aleqasina (Ahlikahsingwah) who was Hivshu's great-grandmother. Also the film is about the price that was paid for exploring Greenland, about the prize which Robert Peary got, the Inuit people got and all the other people got - this film is about first "steps" in exploring the Pole and all the difficulties which the polar explorers met in their lives at that time.

The cover of the DVD "The Prize of the Pole".

Director: Staffan Julen

Writer: Staffan Julen

Star: Hivshu (Robert Peary II)

Composer: Frithjof Toksvig

Country: Denmark

Language: English

Release: 2007

Runtime: 1h 20 min

Genres: Documentary

As known as:

"To timima tou Voreiou Polou",

"Biegun: koszt dotarcia",

"Spuren im Eis".

The Prize of the Pole
The documentary poster.
The Prize of the Pole

Nowadays there are 2 variants of the documentary in English: official  and non-official. It is possible to watch 2 variants of the documentary absolutely free. They both have got some differences. 

A shoot from the documentary. 
"The Prize of the Pole"
The Prize of the Pole
"Spuren im Eis"
(the DVD in the German language)
"The Prize of the Pole"
(the DVD in the English language)
The Prize of the Pole
 "The Prize of the Pole" documentary. Promo medley (mix) of soundtracks.
Promo medley (mix) by Tami Tatyana Piche-ool