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"The Call of 13 Shamans" is the international festival which takes place in the Tyva Republic (Russia) in summer. It is a festival of shamanism, throat singing, esoteric practices, ethnic singing, ethnic dancing and different national cultures and traditions. Shamans and masters of different countries come to Tyva to take part in the festival.

This festival is organized by a Tuvinian shaman Nickolay Oorzhak. It was planned as an annual festival, but in fact, it was held only 2 times for 5 years. The first festival was in July 2014. In June 2018 it was the second festival "The Call of 13 Shamans". The third festival is going to be in June 2019.

Closing Ceremony of the Festival. 

Tuvinian shamans.

Nickolay Abaev (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor) and his disciple. The ceremony of awakening a drum.

At the festival, all the participants can and may talk with the masters and the shamans, take part in their shamanic ceremonies, visit their workshops, lectures, get blessings from any shaman and make any shamanic attributes at the workshops of the masters. Some of the participants usually find there the shamans/masters who become their teachers.

The first festival "The Call of 13 Shamans" was in July 2014 (19-27 of July) in Tyva (Russia) near the place "Khorum-Dag" and not far from the settlement which has got the same name.


The second festival "The Call of 13 Shamans" was in June 2018 (25-30 of June) in Tyva (Russia) not far from Turan town (www.13shamans.ru)

The third festival will be in Tyva (Russia) again at the yurta complex "Bij-Khem" from the 24th to the 30th of June, 2019. You can get more information about it by e-mail: mirgorodskaya16@mail.ru 

Interviewing of Kim Junghee for the Tuvinian and Altaic News Programs. Shooting by Tuvinian TV Company.

Hivshu, Tami

All the 13 main shamans of the festival should take part in the trials which are arranged by the organizers of the festival. Every festival the trials are different. In 2014 the shamans spent 3 days and 3 nights in the mountains with no food and even no place to hide from those terrible heat (+35+40 C), arranged shamanic ceremonies there, communicated with the spirits and saw different visions. Not all the shamans were ready for it... But Hivshu was one of those shamans who did it, who endured it!


Hivshu was one of 13 main shamans who took part in the festival.

During the festival, it was and it is possible to study playing some exotic and ethnic musical instruments, take part in musical "jams" and musical healing sessions. One of such masters who arranged it all the time was Namakua Pedro Bley (unfortunately, he died in autumn 2016). 


Pedro Bley's workshop and musical "jam" in the Tuvinian yurta.

And there is a lot of ethnic music, ethnic singing, throat singing and ethnic dancing at the festival! Every participant gets at the festival everything he/she is interested in.


Amir Oorzhak (the creator of the healing system based on the Tuvinian national dance "Devig") is teaching Pedro Bley to play byzaanchy (a Tuvinian national musical instrument).

Stunningly beautiful nature of Tyva (Tuva) will not leave anyone indifferent. This is a region where shamanism is everywhere.


Tyva (Tuva). The place near the settlement which is called Khorum-Dag.

Nickolay Oorzhak is the ideological organizer of the festival. He has got many assistants who help him to organize the festival. Every festival he arranges the workshops of teaching khoomey and he calls this teaching system as "Un-Hun" ("The Sound of the Sun").


Nickolay Oorzhak (a Tuvinian shaman and a khoomeizhy (a Tuvinian throat singer)) is the main organizer of the festival. This shamanic costume is his usual one for any shamanic ceremonies.

Some videos of the festival in 2018

Some videos of the festival in 2014