Hivshu's ancestors

Robert Peary

(a.k.a. Peeurie)

1856 - 1920

Many people know and heard about the famous Arctic polar explorer Robert E. Peary but only a few people know and heard that Robert Peary had 2 Inuit (it is even better to say - Inughuit because he spent much time among the Inughuit people - so-called "Polar Eskimos") sons. Although Robert Peary was officially married to Josephine Diebitsch Peary but in Greenland, he had his non-official Inuk (Inughuak) wife Aleqasina (a.k.a. Ahlikahsingwah, Alikahit, Ally). At the moment when Robert Peary and Aleqasina met she also was married to Inuk (Inughuak) man Peeahwahto and even had several children with him although Aleqasina was very young. 

Hivshu, Robert E. Peary
Hivshu, Robert E. Peary

After 2 polar expeditions of Robert Peary to Greenland Aleqasina gave birth to 2 their sons: Anaukaq Peary (1900-1927) and Kale Peary (1906-1998). Kale Peary (a.k.a. Kaalipaluk, Kaali, Kala, Kali, Karl) became Hivshu's grandfather.

Kalaallit (Greenlandic Inuit) called Robert Peary and still call as "Peeurie". When Hivshu came of age, he changed his Inuit name from Hivshu into Robert Peary II. Nowadays Hivshu has got an official name as "Robert Peary" but most people call him as Hivshu.