Hivshu's attributes


Hivshu, qulliq

Qulliq is a traditional Inuit lamp.
Traditionally a qulliq is made of a stone but nowadays it is possible to make it from metal too. Of course, a qulliq which is made from a stone looks better and it is more beautiful. Anyway, a qulliq is like a bowl where Inuit people put all the important components for making a "little fire".


For Inuit people, a qulliq always was a source of light and heat. Nowadays a qulliq is a source of light and heat too but only in some regions and in some situations. Now a qulliq is usually used as a shamanic attribute, as an attribute of traditional Inuit life for decorating one's apartment, as a good ethnic present and as an example of traditional Inuit attributes for the people who arrange lectures about their native culture. 


Hivshu, qulliq
Hivshu, qulliq

Inuit people put some moss and cotton balls into a qulliq, soak them with bear/seal/walrus (molten) fat and then set fire to it. In some regions, it can be also used suputiit (Arctic willow Salix arctica) for a qulliq. And nowadays it is possible to soak moss, cotton balls and suputiit with vegetable oil.
All the Inuit angakkoqs (shamans) have got qulliqs for their shamanic ceremonies and for connection with their ancestors and spirits. And also almost all the Inuit hunters have got qulliqs too because during their hunting everything depends on Silla (weather, fortune, some mystic power and etc.).