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"North Pole Promise" (an official trailer for the documentary)

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

The documentary was released in 2013. The runtime is 27 min.

The plot of the film:

Here is one more documentary about Hivshu's family and especially Hivshu's great-grandfather Robert Peary (who was a famous polar explorer), Robert Peary's Inuit descendants, his great assistant and famous polar explorer Matthew Henson and Matthew Henson's Inuit descendants. "North Pole Promise" tells the story of a secret legacy of two famous explorers: Admiral Robert Peary and Matthew Henson —one white and one African American, who, with four Inuit assistants discovered the North Pole in 1909. Peary and Henson returned to the US shortly after that. They each left behind sons, fathered with indigenous Greenlandic Inuit women. Narrator James Earl Jones delves into the secret legacy left behind when American explorers Admiral Robert E. Peary and Matthew Henson discovered the North Pole in 1909. Harvard Professor Dr S. Allen Counter travels to remote Greenland to uncover the long-buried mystery. In one the northernmost villages in the world, he meets the explorers' 80-year old Eskimo sons, Kali Peary (Hivshu's grandfather) and Anaukaq Henson, and attempts to fulfil their dream of visiting the land of their fathers. Along the way, Counter also helps history honour Matthew Henson, who never received credit for the discovery of the North Pole because he was African American.

Main information about the film:

Director: S.Allen Counter

Writers: S.Allen Counter, Frank Quaglia (co-writer), Anna E.Schoenfeld (co-writer)

Star: James Earl Jones

Country: USA, Greenland

Language: English

Runtime: 27 min

Production Co: Harvard Square Productions

Genres: documentary, drama, short, family, history

Trailer by Anna Schoenfeld Johnston

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