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Hivshu's workshop and a lecture in Sweden

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Date: the 10th of December 2017.

Time: 13:00-17:00

Place: Kronolaxfisket (Mörrum, Sweden)

Organizer: Marianne Westerberg

What is going to be: Imngiutit, Hivshu's lecture about Inuit and Inughuit cultures and shamanism, Inuit way of life, qilaut-singing and Inuit legends.

Here is the article about it on the Swedish website. Translation of the article: "Hivshu is telling us about Inuit people and the life in Greenland. Hivshu sends out calmness and harmony when he tells about his people, ancestors and the life in his homeland. - A night lasts 4 months in Greenland and a day lasts 4 months in Greenland. A lifeguard Hivshu began his Sunday workshop from a traditional Inuit drum-song. - Here are all the song of my ancestors. This song is very ancient and I inherited it from my grandfather's brother, who accepted me. Nowadays Hivshu has to live in Morrum for some time but he belongs the tribe of Greenland where there are over 800 people. - All the people of my tribe know each other in spite of the long distances and completely different communication to which "white people" are accustomed. Inuit people never talk a lot about each other or something. Sometimes for us, it's enough only one word in order to understand of the life-story of a person... Inuit people get much food from nature, that's why hunting is very important for us.

As Hivshu told us, Inughuit (Hivshu's tribe) have got their own hunting territory where they can and may hunt and live. The distribution of territories makes troubles because Inuit people are more quickly adapted to nature than vice versa. Especially when global warming makes the ice more subtle and it becomes increasingly difficult to pursue wild animals during hunting. - It is a long polar night for 4 months a year at my homeplace, that's why it is very difficult to hunt at this period. Nowadays it could be very dangerous in some places, especially near the places where there are currents... Then Hivshu showed us seal-hunting. A hunter must stand near the breathing-holes (ice-holes) of seals and walruses bending forward and waiting for any signs of these animals. Sometimes it takes a hunter hours to do it without sleeping, eating and moving. - While we wait for any seal will rise to the breathing hole in order to inhale more air - it is very cold even for us, Eskimos! - Hivshu told it to us, laughing. During the workshop, Hivshu showed us the photos of his native settlement and told it was a myth that all the Eskimos still live in igloos. - We live in houses, we have got mobile phones, the electricity and the Internet... of course, if it works, - told Hivshu looking at the picture of his dogs-team. - Our dogs are our Ferrari! (Hivshu is telling about his dogs-team) We've got approximately 5 usual "cars" but if the ice is very thing - we can't drive our "cars" at all..."

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