Hivshu's ancestors

Paulina Kristiansen (Peary)

Hivshu, Paulina Peary

Paulina Kristiansen (Peary) is the oldest daughter of Kale Peary and a granddaughter of a famous American polar explorer Robert E. Peary. Nowadays she is the matriarch of a big family that still stands strong in the world’s northernmost town - Qaanaaq (Nordgronland, Greenland).

Paulina was born in Pituffik (Uummannaq) on the 2nd of October, 1935 and now she lives in Qaanaaq. In 2018 she celebrated her 84th birthday. 

By the age of 10, Paulina was an experienced dog-sledger. Back then it was not really customary for women to drive dogs, it was men's duty, but since she was the oldest among her father’s children she had to drive dogs whether she wanted it or not.
When Paulina turned 13 and had to go for her confirmation, Kale (Kaalipaluk) asked her to prepare her own dog team.
As we were filming "Avannaa: Versions of the Portrait" in 2012-2016, Paulina recalled in 2012: "I was crying: “Father, women don’t do it!"- But my father told me that I had to carry meat for the people who were hungry. So, I did. When I arrived for my confirmation I was very ashamed. I was a woman on dog sledge all by myself! But then we stopped by every house and I gave people meat. And I saw their faces! By Christmas, I received more presents than I had before - ever in my life." (Galya Morrell)

Hivshu, Paulina Peary