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Inuk, film

Hivshu was one of the composers who created the music for the film "Inuk" (the film was directed by Mike Magidson) and also one of the singers who took part in recording the soundtracks to the film. The other 2 composers were Justin Michael La Vallee (he was the main composer) and Karina Moller. While watching the film - you can listen to Hivshu's singing and enjoy his wonderful voice! 

In starring of the film is Ole Jorgen Hammeken (Hivshu's friend). The film "Inuk" is about modern life in Greenland, modern and new life problems of Inuit people and "coming back" to our ancestors, our respect of them and their values.

The cover of the DVD "Inuk"

The official trailer of the film "Inuk"

The list of soundtracks:

1. Coming of age (03:02)
2. The search (01:55)
3. The adventure (01:31)
4. The streets of Nuuk (02:34)
5. The ice breaks (02:50)
6. The dancing fire (01:10)
7. Come upfront (02:03)
8. A new world (01:30)
9. At this rhythm (01:14)
10. Inuk's decision (01:44)
11. Anaana (01:23)
12. The fall (01:06)
13. Relapse (02:05)
14. Ice discovery (01:33)
15. Redemption (01:49)
16. Bamsi sinipoq (00:53)
17. The adventure /reprise/ (03:56) 

The cover of the album of the soundtracks for the film "Inuk"

Inuk, soundtracks
"Inuk" film. Promo medley (mix) of soundtracks.
(Promo medley (mix) by Tami Tatyana Piche-ool)