Hivshu's attributes

Imngiutit and imngiurtuq

Imngiutit (Imngiutit - "songs") are 

Inughuit songs and imngiurtuq is Inughuit singing such songs to the accompaniment of a qilaut


"Nunatsinnit". Imngiurtuq (traditional Inughuit drumsinging). Part 2.


"Inughuit Native traditional songs are inherited and pass on through generations to generations for several of ten thousands of years. The songs are from our ancestor who fell from heaven before there was a moon. As other beings born on the Earth, we all forget our inherent life from our ancestors and live the life “lost in our mind”. It happens, too, with my ancestors; they also forgot at that time their inherit life.
As mentioned the songs are from the Universe where our ancestors are living. The songs are about life, feelings, expressions, entertainments, rights, everything about being a part of creation.
We are the descendants to sing the songs to get the old memory back to remember our ancestors to greet them, and our lost memory and life can be healed to heal to a whole life." (

Hivshu, imngiutit

The other Inuit of Greenland call "imngiurtuq" as "qilaatersorneq". So Qilaatersorneq (drumdancing and drumsinging) is a traditional form of Inuit music and expression. Historically, tivaneq (Inuit dances), imngiutit (songs and stories) were frequently accompanied by the beating of a qilaut (Inuit drum) in Greenlandic Inuit society. The qilaut was used as entertainment, for spiritual ceremonies and to solve interpersonal conflicts and disputes.