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Hivshu, Imina

The cover of Imîna's musical CD

Imîna Imîna was Hivshu's grandfather and a famous qilautsinger (drumsinger) in Greenland. Most of the songs which Hivshu perform nowadays are Imîna's songs. All these songs are very-very ancient and they are the heritage of Inughuit

All the songs on the CD you can listen to were recorded by Michael Hauser in summer 1962 in Qaanaaq when Imîna already was a well-known and respected qilautsinger at that region of Greenland. But the CD with all the songs of Imîna was released in 2011 in Greenland. The CD also has got a little book with it which tells us who was Imîna, what are the meanings of all the songs and many explanations of the songs and qilautsinging in Greenland from Hivshu and Karsten Sommer. In the book, you can also see many photos taken by Michael Hauser, Birgit Kranker and Karsten Sommer.


The list of songs:

1. Shaman's song by unknown (02:20)
2. Mâgssánguaq's drum song (02:31)
3. Inukitsorujuk's drum song (01:14)
4. Two drum songs (01:08)
5. Drum song by Sagdleq (02:35)

6. The snow buntings revenge (00:53)
7. Summoning a helping spirit by Sorqaq/Huqqaq (02:30)
8.  Drum song by unknown (02:08)
9. Iré's drum song (02:16)
10. Healing song (03:08)
11. His own song (03:25)
12. Birds in drum contest (04:24)
13. Eqilana's drum song (01:25)
14. A drum contest song by Ivertuq (02:02)
15. Hivshu's drum song (01:20)
16. Drum song by unknown
17. Song of unknown origin (01:55)

18. Mâgssánguaq or Tâterâq's drum song (01:12)

19. Avikínguaq's drum song (01:42)

20. Qulutarssuaq's drum song (01:21)

21. Drum song (00:50)

22. Qulutánguaq's drum song (01:52)

Hivshu, Imina

The cover of Imîna's disk