Hivshu's musical CD

Main information about the CD

The name of the musical CD is "The Voice of the Arctic". It was released in September 2018. The album consists of 17 songs - very ancient Inuit and Inughuit (Hivshu's tribe) songs. They are absolutely different: everyday songs, shamanic songs, healing songs and etc. but all of them are very ancient and were sung by Hivshu's grandfather Imina who was a famous Inuit qilaut-singer and other Inuit and Inughuit from Greenland and especially from the region of Thule

Jana Maffet Šouflová created the design of the cover and painted the cover of this album.

Now it is possible to buy this musical album on the Internet or on CD. You can buy the CD though Tomas Votrubec, Tami Tatyana Piche-ool or Hivshu (see the links (their e-mails) at the very bottom of the page).

The price of the CD is 10 euros (750 rubles) + shipping. It is possible to transfer the money to our PayPal. 

The list of songs:


1. Pamiura havna havtihúkiâ/My tail (03:06)
2. Hirhurínísut/Appreciation song (03:47)
3. Angákutdlip ilímartautâ/Journey of 
a shaman (04:15)
4. Kálarhûp tûmgísutâ/Kâlarhuak the Great Shaman (02:54)
5. Ukgâya ukgâya/Cleansing song (04:36)
6. K'âvigángûp tûmgísutâ/Shaman K'âvigánguak (02:48)
7. Avíkingûp angákuirhârutâ/Avikinguak Shaman song (03:55)
8. Inukûsuáka makdlúnguakdliukua/My two helpers (02:37)
9. Mixup
pihinga/King Eider _ Dance song (03:00)
10. Inúnguitdlilâ ásìngikfkali/I am not like other people (03:00)
11. Ukûtaqdli
ingna utákigigali/Waiting for Ukûtak (05:30)
12. Tûrngísut kingumgûsak/Heritage song of Shaman (03:01)
13. Naungínâ/Where is she (04:14)
14. Aihatdliak Aihaghiak (tûrngisut)/Calling for ancestors (05:21)
15. Imihughiurut/Birth Mantra (08:39)
16. K'aimgâp
pihinga/Healing dance (02:03)
17. Imgutánguáka takûnguatdlatdláka/Want to see my grandchildren (03:10)

The cover of Hivshu's album by Jana Maffet Šouflová

Hivshu's CD "The voice of the Arctic". Promo medley (mix) of the songs
(Promo medley (mix) by Tami Tatyana Piche-ool)