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Main information about the book

 The name of the book is "Our ancestors with shamans" (a.k.a. "Vores forfædre med Shamaner" (Danish), "Siuleqatussuagut angakkuligartalissuit" (Greenlandic), "Наши предки с их шаманами" (Russian)).


The Greenlandic variant of the book was released in 2015 in Greenland.

The Danish variant of the book was released in 2016 in Greenland.

"The name of my book is "My ancestors with Shamans”. The wisdom is from my old people who were guiding me to the Universes and lives in the unknown to us as we have become blind and deaf when we separated us from the unity of life in this universe. All is life! Life is All! And the life is our the most important and valuable heritage from our ancestors we should be more aware of that and respect our life as it is. The life is not our own alone but the heritage of our ancestors, the gift from our ancestors we should be grateful and respecting it. We should respect the life with no human-made values as we want to be respected and honoured as some people want to be when they call themselves Shamans. This is the wish of having the power to control other people and commanding people what to believe … just like some people used the wisdom of life to be their power: so-called “the bible”. There a man became a God! When a man made himself to be a God the destruction began when a man separated from the unity of life… being the part of all on this earth… as we all are from the earth: stones, flies, bees, worms, moss, minerals, air, water, fire, earth… these I mentioned are only Shamans! Not human being. These are our connection to the Earth and from there to the universe and to other universes". (Hivshu)

It's Hivshu during the process of his working on the book.

Hivshu and Magnus Larsen (the publisher who published Hivshu's book in Greenland) during the discussing Hivshu's book. 

"And in the book I also try to make people to understand that human being did separate from the life with the earth beings (it means that the earth made birth to us all walking, being on the earth, inside the earth etc.) as the human being – especially a man – manipulated the wisdom to be the world of a man and make themselves to be Gods. A man is not a God! Not either the woman. The creator is more than that – all creation the visible we see and invisible we don’t see, we hear and don’t hear, feel and don’t feel etc. So all we are walking on is the creator, all we inhale is creator…" (Hivshu)

"The book is about my “ancestors with their shaman”. There I am trying to make people understand that you can not be a Shaman only when you get all the way to be a grandmaster shaman. And describing how you become a person with a Shaman. Only through your helpers, you become a Shaman, gradually. Until you master the work. As I wrote the book so compact the publisher wants me to write more to explain more of these terms I was using. As I was using my own language – Inuktun – when the Greenlandic language and Danish have no terms/expressions to explain exactly the life of a Shaman". (Hivshu)

Presentation of Hivshu's book in Nuuk (Greenland)

"We survived only in the mercy of our ancestors" (Hivshu)

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