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Greenlandic languages


Kalaallit (Greenlandic Inuit, singular - Kalaalleq) speaks the Greenlandic language. In Greenland, there are 3 main dialects of the Greenlandic language: Kalaallisut (a.k.a. West Greenlandic and the main language in Greenland), Tunumiit oraasiat (a.k.a. Tunumiisut, East Greenlandic) and Inuktun (a.k.a. Avanersuarmiutut, North Greenlandic, Thule dialect; Hivshu's native language). Kalaallisut was historically spoken only in the southwestern part of Greenland, i.e. the region around Nuuk but later it became the main dialect spoken by the vast majority of the inhabitants of Greenland. Tunumiisut is used by Tunumiit (Greenlandic Inuit who live at the territory of East Greenland). Inuktun is used by Inughuit (a.k.a. Polar Eskimos; Greenlandic Inuit who live at the territory of North Greenland, it is the smallest people of Greenland, there are only about 800-1000 Inughuit). Inuktun has a lot in common with InuktitutInuvialuktun and Inuinnaqtun.

The video shows some differences between the 3 main dialects of Greenland

Kalaallisut vocabulary