Hivshu's ancestors


(a.k.a. Ahlikahsingwah, Alikahit, Ally)

approx. 1886 - 1930s

Hivshu, Aleqasina

Aleqasina (a.k.a. Ahlikahsingwah, Alikahit, Ally) was Hivshu's great-grandmother and Robert Peary's (Hivshu's great-grandfather and a famous polar explorer) Inuit wife. Before she met Robert Peary she was married to an Eskimo man whose name was Peeahwahto (Piugaattoq) and had children with him. Robert Peary was Aleqasina's American husband. 

They say that Aleqasina became Robert Peary's wife when she was 14. 

Aleqasina died in the 1930s and is buried at Inequsat near Qaanaaq (Greenland).

Aleqasina and Robert Peary gave birth to 2 their sons: Anaukaq Peary (a.k.a. Anaukkaq, born in 1900) and Kale Peary (born in 1906; a.k.a. Kaalipaluk, Kale, Kaali, Kali, Karl). Kale Peary was Hivshu's grandfather.

Hivshu, Aleqasina, Kale Peary
This documentary also tells a real story of relationships of Robert E. Peary and Aleqasina