About Hivshu

"I was born in 1956 in the very northernmost village in the world, Hiurapaluk (Siorapaluk) 63 km north of Qaanaaq town in Nunarput (Greenland) among the Inughuit (my tribe) /Inughuit is a self-name of the tribe in which Hivshu was born and grow up. There are only approximately 800 people in this tribe. This tribe is also known as the "Polar Eskimos". They are considered the most northerly group of Inuit./ hunters and people with shamans. My old people and my parents named me Hivshu after the Inughuit great names and Robert Peary after my great-grandfather Admiral Peary who was the American Arctic explorer and the first to reach the North Pole with my Inughuit people in 1909.


My ancestors wandered from the south and the west side from our place (Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Mongolia, China, Hokkaido (Japan), Tibet and etc.) to Nunarput thousands and thousands of years ago and many other tribes from the Arctic immigrated the same route and follow the “tracks” to the port to enter Nunarput.  So we, the Inughuit tribe, are enriched with many songs and traditions from many different cultures and traditions. As the Arctic people in the East of Nunarput (Greenland), the Iivin tribe, we lived in impassable and isolated places of Nunarput until 100 years ago, we are fortuned in keeping our songs and traditions compare to the west coast Kalaallit (Greenlandic Inuit) whom lost most of all their shamanic traditions and Inuit drum songs traditions when they were forced to abandon their traditions by the Christians of the Danish empire since 1770’s." (Hivshu)


"It is not easy to become a “Shaman”. It is not like many are doing it nowadays: in one weekend or in some weeks course for 3.000 euros and to get the paper as the document you are a “Shaman”.  Among my people, the “Shaman” is not a business but a real life and not absolutely showing having a power.


Either you are born to be a grandmaster Shaman or you can be trained up to be a Shaman. But who has not the innate abilities cannot possess the Grandmaster Shaman abilities when it demands whole life training from the birth – or from before the birth when the mother of a coming Great Shaman is aware of her duty to take care of the coming Grandmaster Shaman (the nine faces Shaman). When the child is born it is already connected to the ancestors – and to the descendants. As the time and the distance do not exist in the life (time and distance are man-made values and an “invention” to keep people trapped into this value and tradition to keep them “too busy to see”).  After many years training the young Shaman can do physical journeys (with the whole human body) to the moon, sun, galaxies, other universes etc. as the flesh of a great Shaman has become a fire during her or his training to become a grandmaster Shaman if she or he comes that far with her or his training as a Grandmaster Shaman. All depends on the individual way of training and doings to become Great grandmaster Shaman as it demands the extremely physically painful journey of life and many extremely deep soul wanderings beyond the understanding of human mind." (Hivshu)

"To be able to cope all these extremely voyages in life as a human being you need a good support by elders and the helpers invisible to other people, you already connected to from the early of the life on the Earth. It takes a whole life to get through the process and progress and development to understand a little bit of the big experiences you’ve been though beyond this life. And it is very, very difficult to understand this life on the Earth as you can only ask yourself with the mind of a human being “why this?”. But when you have seen so much of life beyond the life on the Earth and with the mind of a human being, you understand that everything is life and life is everything. And there’s a creator beyond the understanding of a human mind. The Creator – or you may call it a God – never created bad things for life and the creation. Only human mind divided the life into “good and bad” because human being lives in a fear. The Creator is not a person – a man or a woman. The Creator is everything we see and feel in the life and beyond the understanding of the life on the Earth." (Hivshu)


Some biographical facts:


~ Hivshu is a polyglot. Nowadays he can speak Kalaallisut (the main dialect of Greenlandic which is used by Inuit of Greenland), Inuktun (his native language), Danish, English and Swedish.


~ Hivshu's official birthday is on the 11th of March but it is not the real date. At that period Inughuit didn't have calendars like the ones which now all of us have got, that's why those people could know the dates of birth just approximately.


~ Hivshu hasn't been living in Greenland for many years because it is enough expensive to go to different countries and different festivals for any workshops and lectures from Greenland. That's why Hivshu lives in different countries of Europe. But Hivshu often visits Greenland (every year or even more often).


~ "Since I was born my life has got the traditional Inughuit way of life: hunting and living. I went to the public school and I was sent to Denmark and the West coast of Nunarput (Greenland) to be educated during my school time. I dropped off the public school in 1976 when I understood that the school system educated the children and the youth preparing them to the reality of the European way of life where life had no importance but their perception of time and distance formatted with the monetary system distracted people from their real life. We were told that everything was for the growth and the growth on the benefit of the health of people and the Earth. This knowledge I got at the schools was enough for me. I went back to the traditional life of Inughuit to return to the wisdom of life..." (Hivshu) 


~ At the period of 2002-2005 Hivshu assisted two scientists/linguists with their work of Professor Erik Holtved at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Humanities.


In 2003 Hivshu met the musical ethnologist Michael Hauser who has been studying Inuit and Inughuit traditional songs for 50 years, qilaut-singing of Imina (a very famous Inughuit qilaut-singer and Hivshu's grandfather) and assisted him with the last part of his dissertation about Inuit traditional songs (“Traditional Inuit Songs from the Thule Area vol. I-II”, 2010).


During the period of work with Michael Hauser (in 2003), Hivshu and Michael Hauser lectured for different people and different students in Copenhagen University and Greenland University (Ilisimatusarfik).


~ During the period of 2001-2006 Hivshu took part in the filming of the documentary "The Prize of the Pole" by Staffan Julén which is about the history of exploring Greenland by Admiral Robert E.Peary, the story of Minik and Hivshu's ancestors - great-grandfather Robert Peary and Ahlikahsingwah. In starring of the documentary is Hivshu.



At the period of 2008-2010 Hivshu took part in composing and recording the soundtracks for the film "Inuk" (Hivshu was one of the composers and singers) which was released in 2010.



~ At the period of 2014-2015 Hivshu worked on his book "Siuleqatussuagut angakkuligartalissuit" ("Our ancestors had shamans") - the Greenlandic variant of the book - which was published in 2015 in Nuuk in the Greenlandic publishing company "Maanuup Atuakkiorfia".


~ At the period of 2015-2016 Hivshu worked on the Danish variant of his Greenlandic book which was named by Hivshu as "Vores forfædre med Shamaner" and was published in 2016 in Nuuk in the Greenlandic publishing company "Maanuup Atuakkiorfia".


~ At the period of 2014-2016 Hivshu took part in filming the documentary "Inuit lants: The melting points" by Patrick Morell as one of the Inughuit people who gave the interview and told about changes of the climate in Greenland and changes of the Inughuit way of life because of such a climate. The documentary was released in 2016. 


~ At the period of 2014-2017 Hivshu and his Czech friends recorded  Hivshu's musical album "The Voice of the Arctic" which was released in 2017 and the CD was released in August 2018.


~ During the period since 2017 to the present Hivshu has been writing a new book which is about shamanism too.